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  • Bach Flowers Holly Guna 10ml -5%

Bach Flowers Holly Guna 10ml

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Bach Holly Guna Flowers - Natural Remedy

What is Holly Drops used for?

Hlly drops is a homeopathic remedy that acts as a calming agent in case you have a particularly sensitive state of mind that leads to Extreme Jealousy, Suspicion, Feeling of betrayal and Envy.

Dysfunctional state of mind

Extreme jealousy, suspicion, a feeling of betrayal, envy.

How it works

Holly Bach Flowers of the Guna acts in a way to calm the adverse moods of a person by giving the one who takes this remedy Awareness and Love.

“I express unconditional love from the depths of myself, showing myself aware of the inexhaustible light of my feeling.

What is Holly Drops?

Holly is the Bach Flower that responds to those who experience deep suffering, prey to feelings of jealousy, suspicion, revenge or envy.
By nature the type Holly is very much in need of love and is therefore aware of the importance of that feeling. We can say that Awareness is its innate resource . This characteristic, however, makes him particularly exposed to deep unhappiness for no real reason when he does not feel his need for love satisfied. This can lead the Holly type to feel jealous, envy or suspicious of whoever seems to be the cause of that frustration.
Holly therefore invites us to develop the virtue of unconditional love , that is the ability to express a disinterested feeling towards others, which ends up satisfying even oneself. In fact, it is not aggression that makes Holly really functional, but her ability to express unconditional Love starting from herself, aware that this resource does not run out with use, but rather multiplies!


Holly Bach Flower Remedies are sold in a 10ml bottle of drops.