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  • Bach Flowers Impatiens Guna 10ml -5%

Bach Flowers Impatiens Guna 10ml

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Bach Flower Impatiens Guna - Natural Remedy



Impatience, haste, easy irritability.


Dynamism / Patience


“I move to the rhythm of the here and now: I release tension and harmonize with the times of my neighbor, the flow of life and nature.

Impatiens is the Bach flower corresponding to those who think and act quickly, easily get impatient in the face of the slowness or delay of others and love to work in solitude to be able to keep their rhythms accelerated.

By nature, the Impatiens type is led to act quickly and without hesitation. We can say that Dynamism is its innate resource . However, this attitude originates from a state of constant tension, as if in constant fight or flight, which can lead the Impatiens type to be excessively anxious, impatient and irritable.
Impatiens therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Patience , that is the ability to slow down one's internal rhythm to harmonize with that of others, of events and of nature. In fact, it is not so much the acceleration that makes Impatiens really functional, but its ability to act in a dynamic but patient way according to the rhythms required by the context and by others.


10ml vial.