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  • Bach Flowers Mustard Guna 10ml -25%

Bach Flowers Mustard Guna 10ml

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Bach Flowers Mustard Guna - Natural Remedy

Melancholy, depression that comes and goes inexplicably


Melancholy, depression that comes and goes inexplicably.


Introspection / Joy


“I know that the sun continues to shine even when a cloud obscures it. What I perceive on the outside reflects what I focus my attention on inside of me: I choose to perceive joy and express it on the outside!

Mustard is the Bach flower corresponding to those who are subject to a sudden melancholy, a form of sadness which, like a cloud, suddenly and without apparent cause, casts the light and joy of life.

By its very nature, Mustard is inclined to withdraw towards his own interiority and to look inside himself. We can say that Introspection is its innate resource . However, this quality originates from the tendency to linger on the emergence of depressive moods that find no explanation or raison d'etre.

Mustard therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Joy , that is, the ability to grasp, dwell on, and enjoy what is marvelous, astonishing and pleasant, manifested in every small and great phenomenon of life, in the simplest things, as well as in those more surprising. In fact, it is not so much the tendency to explore one's own depths of soul that makes Mustard really functional, as its ability to enjoy in a simple and immediate way what is offered to him in the present time.


10ml vial.