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  • Bach Flowers Red Chestnut Guna 10ml -1%

Bach Flowers Red Chestnut Guna 10ml

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Bach Flower Red Chestnut Guna - Natural Remedy

Anxiety and excessive worry about loved ones


Anxiety and excessive worry about loved ones


Altruism / Optimism


"The world is as I see it, since I love my loved ones, I only see love and beauty!"

Red Chestnut is the Bach Flower corresponding to those who often experience anxiety and concern for their loved ones . By nature, the Red Chestnut type is inclined to take an interest in the health of others and the people he cares about in particular. We can say that Altruism is its innate resource . This attitude, however, stems from the fear that some misfortune might happen to them. This can lead the Red Chestnut type to be overly anxious and worrying, and often unnecessarily, not so much for themselves as for those they care about.
Red Chestnut therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Optimism , that is, the ability to develop an attitude aimed at grasping the most favorable and pleasant side of situations that involve others, without giving unjustified importance to possible but unlikely harmful events. In fact, it is not so much the showing of selflessness that makes Red Chestnut really functional, but its ability to be optimistic and to grasp the pleasant aspect for one's loved ones, in every situation.


10ml vial.