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  • Bach Flowers Willow Guna Drops 10ml -16%

Bach Flowers Willow Guna Drops 10ml

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Bach Flower Willow Guna Drops



Resentment and self-pity.


Reactivity / Understanding


“I focus my attention on what beauty life offers me; I am responsible for my destiny! "

Willow is the Bach Flower corresponding to those who feel embittered and unfairly treated by life because of the misfortunes and adversities they have faced.
By nature, the Willow type is inclined to react to impediments with a sense of revenge for the injustice that he believes he has suffered and of which he complains. We can say that Reactivity is its innate resource . This attitude, however, originates from the belief that life is judged by successes, and the consequent inability to accept, without complaints and bitterness, what are considered to be unjust and excessive tests. Often we end up diverting our attention and energy to what were, previously, the most popular occupations.
Willow therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Understanding , that is, the ability to examine the causes of failure, to identify one's role in it and to draw a useful lesson from it for one's life journey. In fact, it's not so much her responsiveness and complaining about alleged injustice that makes Willow interesting, as her ability to understand life's challenges and integrate them as a normal part of her being in the world.


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