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  • Belly And Waistline Guam Seaweed Mud 500g -29%

Belly And Waistline Guam Seaweed Mud 500g

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Tummy And Waist GUAM® Seaweed Mud Firming Toning

Firming and toning, they are active against localized skin imperfections of the belly and waist.

GUAM Seaweed Mud "Special Belly and Waist" exploit the natural properties of algae and are effective in decreasing localized fat in the belly and waist, bringing firmness and elasticity to the skin. With GUAM Seaweed Mud “Special Belly and
Waistline ”you will feel substantial and different benefits on the skin thanks to the multiple properties of algae extracted from uncontaminated oceans.


Mix the product well before use, apply it directly on the affected parts with a light massage.
Wrap with cling film and wait 40 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


GUAM seaweed, clay, plant extracts of ivy, horse chestnut, fucus, essential oils of lemon and sage, escin and caffeine.


500 g jar.