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  • BenuSol® Gel FDL 150ml -9%
  • BenuSol® Gel FDL 150ml

BenuSol® Gel FDL 150ml

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BenuSol® Gel FDL Vasotonic Phytocomplex

Phytocomplex with anti-edema and vasotonic action

A single phytocomplex for the treatment of very different ailments? It is possible, it exists ... and dr. Levi: it is BENUSOL, the gel that acts as an anti-edema and vasotonic , carrying out a direct action on the permeability and fragility of the capillaries, on the tone of the vessel wall, and favoring the draining action of the lymphatic system .

As we said, the beneficial properties of BENUSOL have proved to be incredibly effective in ailments of various kinds: its vessel and capillary-protective action is ideal for treating the symptoms of the first signs of venous stasis, such as swollen, heavy and tired legs.

Finally, the anti-reddening, refreshing and soothing properties of BENUSOL make it a valid ally for new mothers with the typical problems of pain and tension in the breasts .

Dr. Levi makes it his mission to put his knowledge of nature and its phytocomplexes at your service, to offer you products that contribute to your well-being and health.

Products like BENUSOL: effective, safe and natural!



Ideal for the treatment of very different conditions, almost: first signs of venous stasis; post-phlebitic syndrome; edema, and in particular brachial edema; tenderness and tension in the breasts .

How to use

For vascular problems, apply the product with a massage from the ankle to the thigh. With pressotherapy, apply the product before the leggings and bracelets.


Packaging 150 ml tube.