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  • Biofarmex Bfx Cr 2 Food Supplement 30 Capsules Of 500MG -5%

Biofarmex Bfx Cr 2 Food Supplement 30 Capsules Of 500MG

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Bfx Cr2

Dietary supplement

Chronic allergies, allergic soil, chronic asthma.

Autoimmune diseases: psoriasis, lichen ruber planus, Crohn's disease, CUC, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, vasculitis, cardio-vascular diseases with an immune imprint. The autoimmune pathology is expressed through a reactivity of the immune system (with humoral and / or cellular response) towards components of its own organism, and in particular towards the antigens of the HLA system (class I and class II antigens).

BFX-CR2 represents a common denominator for the adjuvant treatment of autoimmune diseases.

PHARMACEUTICAL FORM : Sucrose globules: box of 30 capsules-doses of 500 mg.

RECOMMENDATION : Dissolve the content of 1 capsule in your mouth once a day, preferably in the morning 30 minutes before having breakfast.