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  • Biogroup Drenaform Solution 50ml -15%

Biogroup Drenaform Solution 50ml

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carries out draining activity on the main emunctors and in the treatment of overweight and adiposity.

cichorium intybus l. chicory root, spiraea ulmaria l. flowering tops meadowsweet, betula pubescens pubescent birch buds, fagus sylvatica l. beech buds, castaneasativa mill. chestnut buds, fumaria officinalis l. whole flue plant, hieraciumpilosella l. whole plant pilosella, taraxacum officinale weber whole plant dandelion, ruscus aculeatus l. rhizome with holly roots, capsicum annum californian cayenne flower, malus sylvestris bach crab apple flower, ipomea purpurea french flower ipomée.