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  • Boiron Angelica Arcangelica Mother Tincture 60ml -31%

Boiron Angelica Arcangelica Mother Tincture 60ml

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Angelica Arcangelica


Angelica Mother Tincture is a homeopathic remedy produced by Laboratoires Boiron, and is found in the format of a glass dropper vial so that it can be easily taken.

Using Mother Tinctures and Glycerine Macerates to cure yourself means treating yourself with plants, taking advantage of the centennial phytotherapeutic tradition. To prepare a mother tincture, a known medicinal plant is taken and left to macerate in a water / alcohol mixture. After a few days the liquid obtained will constitute the same mother tincture.

The glycerine macerates, on the other hand, are liquid preparations that have as their starting point the buds of the plants, which are left to macerate for a few days in water / alcohol / glycerin and their active ingredients are transferred from the plant to the liquid and we have the glycerine macerate.

Angelica Mother Tincture is traditionally used in homeopathy for gastrointestinal disorders due to the amarotonic, spasmodic and sedative action to be used in case of gastric acidity, flutolence, intestinal atony, anorexia. for sale online at Useful in spasmodic disorders of the respiratory system and uterine spasms, amenorrhea up to nervous migraines.
The tonic properties extend the use of Angelica as an anxiolytic, improving the general mood and muscle tone, corrective in stressful situations, so much so that it is considered a true adaptogen.

Method of use or dosage

How often to take this product?

It is generally recommended to take 30 - 40 drops for a maximum of 3 times a day, therefore not exceeding the 120 daily drops of this product. However, we recommend that you always contact your doctor or homeopath, as they will certainly be able to indicate a more appropriate dosage schedule for the specific person.


60ml dropper bottle