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Hamamelis Virginiana 6ch Boiron Granules

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Hamamelis Virginiana 6ch Boiron Homeopathic Medicine

Hamamelis virginiana is a tree of the Witch Hazel family that grows in the humid forests of North America. The mother tincture is prepared with the dried leaves and stem bark. The active ingredients are: quinic acid; gallic and caffeic acid; ethyl gallate, with antibiotic action; and above all flavonol heterosides, with venotonic and anti-haemorrhagic action.

Main indications

Hamamelis is indicated to treat varicose veins, dilated and painful, easily inflamed and bleeding; varicose ulcers; bleeding hemorrhoids; varicocele; trauma with bruises and hemorrhages; subconjunctival hemorrhages and bruises around the eye.

Symptoms and methods of reaction

Soreness and a sense of contusion in the affected areas; congestion of the veins; bruising at the slightest contact due to capillary fragility. Worsening with trauma and shock.


In varicose veins of the lower limbs, in varicocele, in varicose ulcers it is useful to administer five granules at a 5 CH dilution four times a day; same posology in hemorrhoids (associating Aesculus); in haemorrhages of venous origin of post-traumatic origin, five granules at a dilution of 5 CH two to four times a day, thinning according to the improvement; same posology in subconjunctival hemorrhages and contusions around the eye.


Tube with granules.