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  • Bsn Leukoplast patches 500x2,5cm 1 Piece -49%

Bsn Leukoplast patches 500x2,5cm 1 Piece

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Bsn Patches Leukoplast 500x2,5cm - On Spool

Leukoplast patches on spool are patches produced by the Essity Italy SpA brand.


This classic line of patches is suitable for permanent dressings and bandages for normal skin. The Leukoplast backing is made of flesh-colored rayon (viscose) fiber fabric, while the adhesive part is made of zinc oxide and rubber. It has an intense and permanent adhesive power, which is why it is particularly suitable for any type of dressing, not only temporary but also permanent. It can also be used to fix elastic bandages. Equipped with elasticity and flexibility, it is not aggressive on the skin. The Leukoplast patch can be peeled off by hand, without the support of sharp and sharp objects. It leaves no adhesive residue on the skin.

How to use

If you want to dress a wound or lesion with Leukopor, cut a strip of plaster from the spool as needed. Affix in the area of the body of interest. If necessary, remove the patch with only the support of your hands.


1 spool, measuring 500 x 2.5 cm.