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  • Bsn Patch Leukoplast 500x1,25cm 1 Piece -47%

Bsn Patch Leukoplast 500x1,25cm 1 Piece

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Bsn Patch Leukoplast 500x1,25cm - In Spool

Leukoplat BSN 500x1.25cm Patch for normal skin

Leukoplast is a patch on a spool made by Essity Italia SpA.

Indications for use

The use of the product is indicated for the permanent fixing of dressings on normal skin. It is also recommended in the case of elastic bandages as it adheres perfectly even with a high degree of pressure. Composition and properties The product is composed of rayon fibers. It has an extreme adhesive power and a high resistance to traction. It can be used for any kind of dressing, for any type and size. The product is permeable to water vapor. It is characterized by a strong fixing resistance, but at the same time it is easy to remove, it does not leave any adhesive residue on the skin. The spool is easy to handle, as well as to tear and apply to the skin.

How to use

Unroll the patch and tear according to the amount needed. Apply the torn strip to the area to be dressed or bandaged.


Pack with 1 spool, measuring 1.25cm x 5m.