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  • Bsn Patch Leukopor 500x2,5cm 1 Piece -55%

Bsn Patch Leukopor 500x2,5cm 1 Piece

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Bsn Patch Leukopor 500x2,5cm - In Spool

Leukopor: fabric patches with water-repellent properties

Leukopor are the practical patches on spool made by the Essity Italia SpA brand.


They are made of non-woven fabric (TNT) of polyester and viscose, with polyacrylate adhesive with water-repellent properties. Thanks to its composition, it is perfect to be applied on particularly sensitive and irritable skin. The product is characterized by impermeability to air and humidity, flexibility and delicacy. Leukopor patches detach from the skin with practicality and ease with just the use of the hands, without the use of scissors or similar products, and without leaving any type of residue. For this reason it is particularly suitable for even permanent dressings on delicate areas of the body.

How to use

To use Leukopor you need to cut the patch strip from the spool according to your need. Once cut, the patch must be applied to the affected area of the body for dressing.


Pack with 1 spool, 2.5cm x 5m.