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  • Buccagel Afte Curasept 15ml

Buccagel Afte Curasept 15ml

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Buccagel Afte Curasept Protective Gel

Protective treatment in case of canker sores, lesions and irritation of the oral cavity.

Buccagel Afte is a line designed for the protective treatment of annoying disorders that can affect the oral cavity and in particular the mucosal surface such as canker sores, aphthous stomatitis, injuries caused by prostheses and orthodontic appliances, traumas caused by bites, energetic brushing, contact with sharp objects or foods and burns, chemicals.

Available in the formulation in:

  • Gel and Spray for a more localized action and small lesions;
  • Mouthwash for a more widespread and generalized action;
  • Toothpaste for not only a cleansing action but also an adjuvant and protective action, helping to soothe the pain caused by injuries.


Buccagel Afte relieves pain and fights irritation of the oral cavity.

Authorization Min. Sal. of the. 04/16/2014

BUCCAGEL AFTE GEL Protective Gel - Triesters of Glycerol Peroxidates

Protective gel of the oral mucosa, with a mechanical action it relieves pain caused by mouth lesions: canker sores and aphthous stomatitis.

How to use

Apply the gel on the injured part inside the mouth with the help of a cotton swab.


15ml tube .