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Calmea® CMF 100ml

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Calmea® CMF Protective And Refreshing Calamine Cream

It is a cream studied by dermatologists and cosmetologists and is indicated in numerous dermatological diseases, especially on an inflammatory basis.

The substance that characterizes the product is calamine , a basic zinc carbonate with 0.5% ferric oxide. Iron promotes epithelial integrity and gives the product its characteristic pink color which is cosmetologically pleasing, zinc oxide has an effective protective action against irritants. Glycerin has a moisturizing and emollient activity. Vitamin E has antioxidant activity.

Calmea Crema does not contain parabens or fragrances and is therefore well tolerated by any type of skin, especially the delicate ones of the child.

It is particularly suitable for changing nappies, for sun and cold erythema and in general for any type of skin redness.


100 ml tube packaging.