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CAPILEN Capietal Liposomal Cream 50ml

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CAPILEN Liposomal Cream Capietal 45% Fresh Plant Extracts


Capilen liposomal cream, thanks to the use of the exclusive "PHYTO-COMPLEX LEN" , obtained by extraction from fresh plants of Calendula, Melissa, Achillea, Echinacea, Hypericum, Viola tricolor, Black currant, Sea buckthorn, with the particular and exclusive Capietal method " HCFP ” is able to convey a higher concentration of natural active ingredients (equal to 45% of Mother Tincture), favoring their action and effectiveness.

The particular liposomal formulation contributes to a rapid absorption and an integrated release of the active ingredients, factors also enhanced by the presence of particular excipients.

The soothing and eudermic action of individual plants is supported by the activity of Sea Buckthorn Berries extract, rich in Palmitoleic Acid, one of the constituents of healthy skin.

Properties of individual plants

Used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties.

Used for its emollient, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

Used for its virustatic properties.

Used for its restorative and healing properties.

Used for its anti-inflammatory, soothing properties.

Viola tricolor
Used for its emollient properties.

Used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea buckthorn
Used for its restorative and soothing properties.

Intended use

Adjuvant and preventative of skin irritations, in dermatology, pediatrics and geriatrics.

How to use

Apply the cream directly on the affected areas with a light massage, 2-3 times a day. In pediatric use, apply the cream when changing nappies.


50ml tube packaging.