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  • Cemon Black Currant Fee Phyto Embrio Extract Drops Food Supplement 15ml -19%

Cemon Black Currant Fee Phyto Embrio Extract Drops Food Supplement 15ml

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Cemon Blackcurrant Fee Phyto Embryum Extract

BLACK CURRANT fee Drops 15ml Vitality - General stimulant. Adjuvant in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory syndromes. Prepare the action of the other shoots. Cortison-like Ribes nigrum

FitoEmbrio Extracts for a therapeutic approach to organic dysfunctions. The PhytoEmbrio Extracts are part of the natural therapeutics of the soil. Their use responds to a therapeutic approach to organic dysfunctions, in order to re-establish the physiology favorable to health, that is, through the embryonic principles of plants.

The use of PhytoEmbrio Extracts is based on the biological enhancement of plant embryonic tissues. The embryonic plant tissue, that is in full potential of growth and therefore of regeneration, is capable of relaunching the physiological mechanisms propitious to human health.In terms of therapeutic use, classical phytotherapy bases its action on a therapeutic effect obtained from differentiated adult plant tissues, it notes the improvements of the organism's dysfunctions.

The physiological use of FEE is a much gentler use, since the plant embryonic tissues regulate the dysfunctions respecting the physiology and without any side effects. Thus, each therapist can use them on pregnant and pediatric women, even on newborns.

Given the harmlessness of the products, the use of cemon FEE opens up to very wide therapeutic uses, with the possibility of associating them with other natural or non-natural therapies. FEEs are available in 15ml bottle with dropper.