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  • Cemon Unda Cuprum Metallicum 30Ch Granules 6g -15%

Cemon Unda Cuprum Metallicum 30Ch Granules 6g

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Cuprum metallicum 30ch what is it for?

Cuprum metallicum 30ch is a homeopathic product in high centesimal dilution used for the treatment of nocturnal muscle cramps, facial spasms, painful tics of the face, violent convulsions, hiccups, pharyngeal spasms, acute abdominal colic, asthma with dyspnea.

What are the properties contained in Cuprum metallicum 30ch?

Copper (cuprum metallicum) is the chemical element with atomic number 29. Its symbol is Cu. Copper is found in nature in its pure state, mainly in the form of various minerals. The homeopathic remedy prepared with copper is used against cramps, spasms and epileptic attacks.

How is Cuprum metallicum 30ch taken?

2-3 granules are enough to be taken at the rhythm of the spasms.


Cuprum metallicum 30ch must be kept in its unopened package, away from sources of heat and humidity, absolutely keep out of the reach of children.