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Chelidonium Majus Mk Cemon Globuli

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Chelidonium Majus Mk Cemon Homeopathic Remedy

Celandine (Chelidonium majus) is a plant of the Papaveraceae family.

What is it for?

Its stems contain a latex rich in active ingredients that has various medicinal properties.

Among these the most important are: antispasmodic useful in case of intestinal and gastric cramps purgative, sedative and spasmolytic; antifungal, useful in case of warts, eczema, ulcer and ringworm; cholagogue and choleretic, useful for the treatment of the liver, against jaundice, infections and inflammations of the gallbladder and against stones; sedative, useful against insomnia and nervousness and for the treatment of asthma.

How to start a treatment

To find out which granule or single-dose dilution to choose to start a homeopathic treatment, you must first consult a doctor, because in homeopathy there is no single dosage suitable for all preparations, for all pathologies and which are suitable for various patients.

There are various dilutions.

The granules are small spheres of lactose and / or sucrose, impregnated with the dilution (s) of the homeopathic drug and packaged in a special container, which allows the delivery of one or more granules at a time.


Tube with blood cells.