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Chicory Floral Essence 10ml

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Floral Essence

Possessiveness. Continuous search for attention and affection.

Chicory is a very important remedy for misdirected love energies that manifest in all ages and in both genders.
In the negative state there is a morbid need for attention and expressions of affection, like children who demand continuous dedication.
The person expresses love in a possessive, demanding and conditioned way, and one is afraid of losing loved ones and friends.
Very often it is accompanied by feelings of self-pity and victimhood.
A typical figure of this state is the supermother who binds her children to herself and controls them, and directs them according to her will.
This state often derives from a lack of love deriving from childhood that leads to the continuous search for dedication, care and recognition.
In the positive state we learn to love selflessly without expecting a return and we dedicate ourselves without selfish ends to others, finding self-confidence and respecting the limits of each individual.

Symptoms of imbalance: expressing love in a possessive, demanding way, in need of manifestations of love, negative way of attracting attention with possible self-pity and victimhood, self-centeredness
Balance: unconditional love, free altruism, the freedom and individuality of others are respected

Recommended doses
To take the essence, it must be diluted as follows:
fill a glass bottle with dropper of 30 ml with water for 3/4 of the volume, and for 1/4 with brandy, which serves as a preservative.
Add 2 drops of each floral essence of your choice, contained in the stock bottle.
Before taking, shake the bottle slightly to keep the essences in a more powerful vibrational state.
Take 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times a day.
Increase or decrease the frequency of intake according to personal sensitivity to flower essences.
Keep away from electromagnetic sources such as computers, cell phones, TVs ...

Format: 10ml