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  • Citicoos® Omega Pharma 24 Capsules

Citicoos® Omega Pharma 24 Capsules

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Citicoos® Omega Pharma Food Supplement

Food supplement composed of highly fat-soluble phospholipids, for a greater presence at the central level, such as glycerol phosphoryl choline and glycerol phosphorylethanolamine, essential and neurotransmitter amino acids such as Tryptophan and Taurine, essential polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 6 (linoleic and egamolenic) and Omega 3 (DHA, EPA), endogenous antioxidants such as Thioptic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamins B1 and B6, minerals and microelements such as Mg, Se and Zn. These components act as normalizers of brain processes which, when they alter, induce phenomena of degeneration, aging, reduced neuronal energy metabolism and therefore a reduction in mental performance, especially in the elderly. Indicated in cases of reduced mental performance of the elderly, as a protection against the damage of alcoholism and in attentional-cognitive disorders of the developmental age; in ENT for tinnitus and vertigo. It is also rationally used in the ophthalmology field for the synergistic action of Vit. E / Thiottic Acid / Se / Omega6 and Omega3 as homeostatic cofactors towards degenerative damage (cataract-retino-pathies), plus the action of: Zn / Taurine / B1 and B6 / GPColina eG.P. Ethanolamine as homeostatic cofactors for the nervous, microcirculatory and muscular physiological standard of the visual apparatus, in glaucoma.
Highly fat-soluble phospholipids (GP Choline and GP Ethanolamine)
They are homeostatic for central cholinergic and aminergic functions, for neuronal metabolism and for the phospholipid composition of the membrane. Attention, memory, concentration, affectivity and the behavioral sphere therefore help.
Essential cerebral amino acid, it is the precursor of serotonin which regulates the mood state together with Vitamins B1 and B6.
Amino acid with neurotransmitter function, has an inhibitory role with B6 and Mg and is essential in cases of psychic stress.
Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3
They mainly carry out actions on cell membranes, including erythrocytes, on the metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides and on the negative effects of free radicals. Their reciprocal ratio (3: 1) improves cerebral perfusion.
Thioctic acid
An endogenous antioxidant, together with Vitamin E, it intervenes by blocking the oxidation of membrane lipoproteins and is rationally used in degenerative forms (cerebral aging - alcoholism - diabetes).
Vitamin B1
It is an essential enzymatic cofactor for a physiological neuronal metabolism of sugar, creating energy available centrally, where it also helps to improve cellular communication.
Vitamin B6
It intervenes on the metabolism of serotonin contributing to the improvement of mood, protects against the negative effects of alcohol, regulates the balance of sodium and potassium.
Synergistic with taurine, it intervenes on the metabolism of neuromediators such as: dopamine, GABA, serotonin, adrenaline. It also creates energy reserves available at the mitochondrial level.
It plays the role of mediator in the protein synthesis of collagen, antioxidant and contributes to maintaining a physiological bioelectric activity.
It enters the composition of glutathione and plays an important and recognized antioxidant role.
It ensures excellent availability, rapid assimilation, thanks also to the peculiar formulation in microgranules that does not alter the palatability and does not create esophageal refluxes.


GP Colina; phospholipids; omega 3 essential fatty acids; omega 6; thioctic acid; tryptophan; taurine; Vitamin E; vitamin B1; vitamin B6; magnesium; zinc; selenium.

How to use

Take 2 capsules a day


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age.
Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
For pregnant or lactating women and children it is recommended to consult the doctor.


Pack of 24 capsules.
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