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  • Citrokehl Sanum 100ml -21%

Citrokehl Sanum 100ml

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Citrokehl Sanum Homeopathic Remedy In Drops

Traditionally used remedy in case of inflammation

The homeopathic tradition uses it in case of allergic and rheumatic diseases.
Useful in case of gastrintestinal disorders.
Adjuvant in case of periodontosis and avitaminosis.

How to use

Unless otherwise advised by a doctor, take 60 drops dissolved in a glass of water in the evening before going to bed.

What does it contain

100ml contain: 33.4ml of Acidum citricum D10 in 10% ethanol, 33.4ml of Acidum citricum D30 in 10% ethanol, 33.4ml of Acidum citricum D200 in 10% ethanol. Alcohol content 12.4% by volume.


After use, close the bottle tightly to ensure good product conservation. if symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. The product should be used within 2 months of first opening.


100ml bottle.