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Cleansing COLLAGENIL Restorative Cleanser 200ml

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Cleansing COLLAGENIL Restorative Cleanser - Lipid Hygiene Treatment

Cleansing is the Collagenil Laboratories line formulated to ensure a delicate and at the same time thorough and complete cleansing , guaranteeing in each of its formulations the respect and preservation of the hydrolipidic film - the first natural protection of the skin from external insults.
Cleansing is available in different formulations, developed to adapt to all skin types, and help the skin tissue to regain and maintain its natural balance, avoiding the delipidizing action typical of many detergents. The face, so delicately cleansed, is hydrated or exfoliated as needed.


Cleansing Restorative Cleanser is formulated specifically for cleansing sensitive, delicate or reddened skin. Thanks to the strong sebum-like properties of its fluid triglycerides it carries out a very delicate selective cleansing activity, thus avoiding the phenomena of dryness and dehydration of the skin typical of cleansers formulated with surfactant mixtures. Cleansing Restorative Cleanser allows, in a single gesture, both an extra delicate cleansing and a calming action in case of slight irritation.


Apply to dry skin and massage gently, then rinse. Also perfect as a make-up remover for waterproof make-up.


Cleansing is the first act of a correct beauty routine and, especially in the presence of dry, sensitive or alipic skin, it must never be performed using foaming detergents that could be aggressive and further alter the barrier function of the skin, represented by the hydrolipidic film . A cleanser for these types of skin must, therefore, eudermically clean the skin without irritating it, avoiding the delipidizing action and at the same time carrying out an emollient activity.

To this end, completely changing the type of cleansing and using one for "lipid affinity" represents the first step towards solving the problem: we mean a cleansing that is based on the principle according to which the like dissolves the like, exploits the presence of oils to remove dirt, not altering the constitution of the superficial layers of the skin and respecting the skin's pH .

In Collagenil Restorative Cleanser the cleansing action is carried out by the sweet almond oil which, washing by affinity, removes traces of dirt - avoiding the alteration of the hydrolipidic film. Jojoba oil nourishes and soothes, thanks to the molecules that compose it, which bind naturally to our skin barrier. The mallow and bisabolol formula complete with their soothing action.


It is obtained through the cold pressing of almond seeds and thanks to the extreme compatibility with the hydrolipidic film , almond oil has nourishing but also emollient and elasticising properties.


It is an extract from the seeds of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant, rich in vitamins E, B2 and B3, plus waxy esters and minerals such as copper, iodine and zinc, which is chemically similar to human sebum. Among its properties stands out the nourishing one to counter phenomena such as dry skin and flaking. In addition, it regenerates and soothes irritated skin. The molecules that compose it bind in a natural way to the hydrolipidic film, enriching it. Its ease of absorption and its great ability to penetrate through the small pores of the epidermis, leaving it smooth and silky without residual greasiness, also gives jojoba oil an excellent moisturizing action of the deep layers of the epidermis.

Malva, scientific name Malva silvestris, belongs to the Malvaceae family. Its composition includes: mucilage, anthocyanins (water-soluble pigments belonging to the flavonoid family), calcium, vitamins and pectin which perform a strongly soothing and moisturizing action.

It is the active principle that is obtained by distillation of the essential oil of chamomile, with inhibiting and calming activity of redness of any nature.


200 ml tube