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  • Climil Gel Mar-Farma 30ml

Climil Gel Mar-Farma 30ml

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Climil Gel Mar-Farma Vaginal Gel


It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties useful in the presence of redness and vaginal microulcerations. It also has anti-hyaluronidase activity, that is, inactivates the enzyme responsible for the demolition of hyaluronic acid, which therefore remains unchanged for longer.


They perform a soothing and emollient action on the vaginal walls. They also promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid which ensures hydration to the cells which become more elastic and stronger and produce glycogen, a natural food for lactobacilli used to produce lactic acid.


It is able to preserve and improve the degree of hydration and turgidity of the epithelial cells, promoting their natural anti-inflammatory action.


It helps to rebalance the vaginal ecosystem and reduce the vaginal pH to 4.5, thus creating an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of pathogens responsible for the burning and itching sensation.


It is made up of particular polymers with remarkable wetting and lubricating properties which give the product characteristics of viscosity similar to those of vaginal mucus.

How to use

Transfer the recommended amount of gel into the cannula (2-3 ml per day).
Introduce the cannula as deeply into the vagina and squeeze out the gel. For vaginal use.
Apply preferably in the evening before going to sleep.


30ml gel with applicator.