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  • Coenzyme Compositum Heel 10 Vials Of 2.2ml -15%

Coenzyme Compositum Heel 10 Vials Of 2.2ml

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Coenzyme Compositum Heel - Gluten Free Homeopathic Medicine

Support of cellular energy metabolism. Reactivation of intracellular enzymatic mechanisms

The catalysts of the citric acid cycle used in homotoxicology enhance the process of cellular oxygenation. With this type of products the energy supply of the cell is supported by improving its functions. Since a slowing of metabolic processes or even a block of cellular and enzymatic functions is often observed during aging, the improvement of cellular oxygenation will restore the normal functional state of the cell.

Coenzyme Compositum is a homeopathic product (catalyst) for the stimulation of six enzyme systems blocked in degenerative diseases and in defective enzymatic functions: it improves the citric acid cycle and therefore has cellular support and detoxification characteristics.

How to use

Adults: in acute disorders, inject 1-2 ml up to 3 times a day at the subcutaneous, venous or intramuscular level, or orally. Otherwise 1 ampoule 1 to 3 times a week.


Beta vulgaris 4X 22 mcl; Alpha-lipoicum acidum 6X 22 mcl; Ascorbicum acidum 6X mcl; Cysteinum 6X mcl; Magnesia oroticum 6X 22 mcl; Manganum phosphoricum 6X 22 mcl; Natrum oxalaceticum 6X 22 mcl; Nicotinamidum 6X 22 mcl; Pulsatilla 6X 22 mcl; Pyridoxinum hydrochlorinum 6x 22 mcl; Riboflavinum 6X 22 mcl; thiaminum hydrochlorinum 6X 22 mcl; alpha-ketoglutaricum acidum 8X 22 mcl; Cerium oxalicum 8X 22 mcl; cis-Aconitum acidum 8X 22 mcl; Citricum acidum 8X 22 mcl; Coenzyme A 8X 22 mcl; Fumaricum acidum 8X 22 mcl; Malicum acidum 8X 22 mcl; Nadidum 8X 22 mcl; Natrum pyruvicum 8X 22 mcl; Succinicum acidum 8X 22 mcl; ATP 10X 22 mcl; Baryta oxalsuccinicum 10X 22 mcl; Hepar sulphuris calcareum 10X 22 mcl; Sulfur 10X 22 mcl. Inactive ingredients: sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution.


Injectable solution. Box of 10 ampoules (2.2ml each).