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  • Cold Formula Guam Seaweed Mud 1Kg -28%

Cold Formula Guam Seaweed Mud 1Kg

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GUAM® Seaweed Mud Cold Formula Anti-cellulite Action

Fresh anti-cellulite action .

They improve the condition and appearance of the legs suffering from swelling and heaviness.

Based on GUAM seaweed, phytoextracts and essential oils, they are active against the imperfections of cellulite and skin adiposity. With a firming and toning action, they are excellent to use during the summer season and in all cases where a refreshing effect on the skin is preferred.


• Medium


Guam seaweed, clay, ivy plant extracts, horse chestnut, fucus. Essential oils of Lemon and Oregano. Menthol.


1) Stir well before use. Spread the Guam Seaweed Mud evenly with a light massage on the affected parts.
2) Wrap with the common transparent kitchen film: thanks to this "protective veil", it is possible to carry out every daily gesture with tranquility. Leave on for 45 minutes and rinse with warm water.
3) To complete the treatment, it is advisable to massage the cold gel cream with Guam Algae Mud on the affected parts.


1 kg pack.