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  • Curasept ADS 0.5 Spray Curasept® 30ml -21%
  • Curasept ADS 0.5 Spray Curasept® 30ml

Curasept ADS 0.5 Spray Curasept® 30ml

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Curasept ADS 0.5 Spray Curasept® Intensive Treatment With Chlorhexidine

Curasept is the only complete line of Chlorhexidine-based products with ADS ( Anti Discoloration System ), the innovative patented and clinically tested system that drastically reduces the appearance of yellow-brown spots, the main side effect of Chlorhexidine.

Anti Discoloration System inhibits the two chemical reactions at the origin of the dental pigmentation process of Clorexdina, without altering its anti-plaque activity, to keep teeth and gums healthy and protected . Furthermore, all Curasept treatments are alcohol-free , so as to avoid possible irritating effects on the mucous membranes and not interfere with dental treatments.

Used daily, Curasept Mouthwashes and Toothpastes help to keep plaque under control ensuring complete oral hygiene while fully respecting the beauty of the smile and the physiological balance of the oral cavity.


0.5% chlorhexidine digluconate with ADS


Topical anti-plaque gingival treatment.

Spray formulation for localized applications before and after any dental procedure.


Pack of 30 ml.