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Dentiline Paste 2g

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Gum paste

for the emergency treatment of dental cavities due to:
- caries, even painful;
- fractures of a tooth;
- sudden loss of a filling.

How to use:
- perfectly cleanse your mouth using
rinse with a mouthwash;
- take a little cotton wool and roll it up
in order to obtain a ball the size of
the cavity of the tooth to be treated;
- take the cotton ball with tweezers
and wet it with the solution;
- insert the cotton ball into the tooth cavity;
- remove a small amount of paste with the spatula,
soften it by rolling it between your index finger and thumb,
giving it a shape suitable for the cavity of the tooth to be treated;
- place the filling paste on the spatula e
close the tooth cavity;
- rinse your mouth again with a mouthwash;
- after use, close the vial of the liquid again
and rewind the obturating paste in its cellophane;
- repeat the treatment several times a day.

do not ingest the solution.Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

potassium alum, aluminum sulfate, aluminum phosphate,
calcium sulfate, zinc oxide powder, paraffin,
menthol, eugenol.