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  • Diet Sucaryl Corman 20ml -26%

Diet Sucaryl Corman 20ml

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Diet Sucaryl Corman Liquid Sweetener

Instantly soluble, for yogurt, smoothie, and all hot and cold drinks, with the practical dispenser that makes dosing in drops easy and safe.

Composition Indicative percentage

Water 85%
Cyclamate 12%
Saccharin 3%
Acidifiers 1%

The 125 ml pack is also ideal in the kitchen to prepare many tasty desserts.

Diet Sucaryl, in fact, is stable to cooking, even at high oven temperatures.

Recommended dosage

To sweeten the coffee 3 drops

Double the dose for a very sweet coffee

For the preparation of cooked or spoon desserts 1 tablespoon = 100 g of sugar


20ml bottle