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Dietor Dolcif 200g

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for all those who want to limit their sugar intake or follow reduced calorie food programs without giving up the pleasure of sweetness.

How to use:
- the pre-dosed sachets allow you to sweeten in a practical and immediate way;
- the bulk (200g pack) can be dosed at will, as well as being used as an ingredient for the preparation of desserts with reduced calorie content.
Dietor can therefore be used to sweeten hot or cold drinks and also in baked pastries. 1 sachet of Dietor sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar. 1 g of Dietor in bulk: (about a level teaspoon) sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar.

low-calorie sweetener in powder form consisting of a mix of sweeteners with a reduced calorie content. Thanks to the combination of these ingredients, a small dose of Dietor is enough to obtain the same pleasant sweetness as sugar, but with 10 times less calories. One serving of Dietor sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar or a standard sachet. It is available in the following packages:
- pack of 40 sachets,
- pack of 80 sachets,
- 200 g pack of loose product.

sorbitol, mannitol, fructose; sweetener: sodium saccharin.

Cod. 5020/5024/5028