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  • Divage Fine Line Eyeliner N.5409 Green 5ml -15%

Divage Fine Line Eyeliner N.5409 Green 5ml

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Fine Line


The Fine Line liquid eyeliner emphasizes the eye with precision, giving intensity to the look.

Very easy to use, thanks to the exceptional felt applicator, it allows you to create a perfect, thin and sharp line even for the less experienced.

The light and flowing texture dries quickly and adheres perfectly to the eyelid, without crumbling and without smudging.

Its moisture-resistant but not waterproof formula gives a brilliant line for eyes that are always defined.



When you do your make-up, don't be afraid to combine two or even three different colors of eyeliner. Use a color for the upper lid, and draw the lower one with a contrasting color. Do not join the line you drew above with the one below, but bring the top one up, towards the temple. This way you get a visual effect of eye enlargement and liveliness!