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Echinacea Compositum OTI 50ml

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Echinacea Compositum OTI Homeopathic Medicine

Preparation used to decongest, promote the functionality of the upper airways and soothe the laryngeal mucosa from any injuries as well as support the immune defenses.
Lactose and gluten free, therefore it is indicated in intolerant subjects.
Totally vegetable-based and alcohol-free product.

How does it work?

Echinacea has polysaccharides, which are capable of providing support to energy reactions which could be debilitated during the onset of cold diseases. Overall, echinacea has a decongestant effect on the respiratory mucosa and demulcent on the mucus produced during bacterial and / or viral attacks. Caffeic acid has an anti-inflammatory action, in fact it reduces the negative effects of diseases such as: sinusitis, rhinosinusitis and fever.
The presence of polyphenols also provides support in the neutralization of free radicals.

How to use

It must be taken concomitantly with appropriate drug therapy.
Adverse effects are due to the likelihood of experiencing allergic reactions in hypersensitive subjects to its constituents. urticaria, edema and anaphylactic shock in severe cases.
In cases where allergic symptoms occur, discontinue use and contact your doctor.
Keep the product out of the reach of children under three years of age.


50ml bottle.