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  • Efferdent Omega Chefaro 1 Piece

Efferdent Omega Chefaro 1 Piece

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Efferdent Omega Chefaro Prosthesis tray

Allows thorough cleaning of dentures, removable bridges and orthodontic appliances

The Efferdent prosthesis tray has been specially designed to allow thorough cleaning of the dentures in all its parts thanks to a mobile grid. The tray can also be used for cleaning mobile bridges and orthodontic appliances.

How to use

Remove the mobile filter, fill the tray with lukewarm or slightly hot water and add 1 efferdent sanitizing tablet + active freshness.

Insert the dentures on the mobile filter and immerse everything in the sanitizing solution.

Leave the dentures in solution for 15 minutes (or overnight if you prefer).

Remove the mobile filter from the tray and carefully rinse the dentures under running water.


Pack with 1 piece.