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Elastofix Elastic Hand Net 2,5m

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Elastic hand net for bandages and medicaments.

Product description:

on the head, trunk and extremities rapid fixation of dressings is difficult and often associated with large material and time. It could be an alternative on the high elastic tubular elastofix® net bandage. With only 4 dimensions all applications can be covered.

Product features:

Elastofix® is a highly elastic tubular mesh made of 55% cotton, 20% polyamide and 25% elastodiene

The material can be cut at any point and in any direction without tearing or fraying it

Elastofix® dressings sit perfectly and securely

  • They adapt well to the surface of the body without causing blockages and constrictions
  • The skin exchanges normal heat and moisture completely
  • Well tolerated by the skin
  • Quick change of dress
  • Simple wound inspection Ideal for frequent dressing changes
  • Contains latex

Field of application:

For fixing dressings of all types and sizes of the head, trunk, limbs and fingers