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Enervital OTI 20x2ml

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Enervital OTI Homeopathic Medicine


China 20CH-25CH, Rock water 4DH, Procainum 4DH-7DH-9DH-12DH-18DH, Embryo suis 4DH, Placenta suis 6DH, Funiculus umbilicalis suis 6DH, Ac. Oxalaceticum 4CH-9CH-30CH, Benzoquinone 4CH-9CH-30CH, Histaminum 4CH-9CH-30CH, Natrum pyruvicum 4CH-9CH-30CH, Methylene blue 4CH-9CH-30CH, Magnesium 4CH, Manganum phosph. 4CH, Graphites 30CH, Calcarea carbonica 30CH, Arnica 30CH, Calendula 30CH, Baryta carbonica 12CH, ana 1 ml.

Ampoules: sterile physiological solution to 100 ml;

Mechanism of action

Scars, both from trauma and from surgical interventions, even when they do not cause direct and obvious disturbances, can constitute a serious obstacle to the energy flow, especially at the level of the ACUPUNCTURE MERIDIANS, since they represent a field of energy disturbance (focus), triggering symptoms chronic even in parts of the body far from the scar itself.

The product is also very useful in reducing scar thickness or until the excessive sensitivity of the keloid tissue is reduced or disappeared.

ENERVITAL also has a high revitalizing and reelasticizing capacity of the skin and is therefore also indicated in the aesthetic field, in particular in the imperfections of the face (wrinkles), of the breast (both to avoid and to eliminate the striae due to the increase in volume during pregnancy) and in the cellulite areas of the hips and abdomen.

For those who practice acupuncture or even just massage of the points and meridians, ENERVITAL can be of valid help in the points in energy deficit both with localized subcutaneous injections.

either through massage, with ointment or spray, to treat these points or, in whole or in part, the path of a meridian.


1 sc infiltration into scar tissue 1 to 3 times a week.

Sometimes, in small scars, only 1 infiltration is sufficient.

For the aesthetic massage, apply the ointment or spray, with a circular massage until completely absorbed, at least twice a day.


Pack with 20 vials of 2ml.