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EuphrasiaHeel Eye Drops 15 Ampoules

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EuphrasiaHeel Eye Drops - Gluten Free Homeopathic Medicine

Adjuvant in the treatment of conjunctivitis. Dry eye due to reduction of the tear film.

Homeopathic eye drops indicated in case of:

Conjunctivitis (viral, bacterial, allergic, from trauma), colds, polluted environments, irritating smoke or vapors, dust, swimming pool chlorine, solar glare, contact lenses.

States of eyestrain (use of video terminals, prolonged driving of the car)
States of irritation of the conjunctiva associated or secondary to: accommodation disorders and dry eye due to reduction of the tear film

Euphrasia eye drops is also indicated in case of dry eyes, to relieve all discomfort that cause ocular discomfort (itching, burning, excessive tearing, redness, photosensitivity) caused by various causes (colds, allergens, polluting environments, smoke and irritating vapors, dust, swimming pool chlorine, sunlight, snow reflection, contact lenses, etc.). Eye fatigue and tiredness due to prolonged eye strain.

Formulated with

• Euphrasia Officinalis: indicated in case of conjunctivitis, lacrimation and inflammation of the eyes, conjunctiva and cornea inflammation; eye pain caused by normal or allergic cold.
• Cochlearia Officinalis: anti-edema and antiseptic indicated in case of conjunctivitis.
• Pilocarp Jaborandi: element that acts on ocular fatigue and ocular inflammation by stimulating tearing in order to allow the elimination of dust or other, useful in dry eye syndrome.
• Echinacea: antiseptic and antiviral action.

How to use

Instill 1-2 drops of Euphrasiaheel eye drops into the affected eye 4 times a day. Each vial is intended for one application only and must be opened immediately before use. Ophthalmic use.

Composition for 1 container

Euphrasia of cinalis D5 110.7 mg., Cochlearia of cinalis D5 110.7 mg., Jaborandi D5 110.7 mg., Echinacea D5 110.7 mg. Excipient to taste 0.45 ml.


The use of homeopathic medicines can temporarily aggravate ailments (initial aggravation). If this aggravation persists, you should stop taking (or applying) the product and inform your doctor or pharmacist.


Pack with 15 single-dose containers of 0.45 ml.