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Farmac-Zabban Hosts Round 8cm 7g

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Farmac-Zabban 8 cm round hosts

The hosts produced by Farmac-Zabban SpA have a round shape and are suitable for food use. In fact, they are made with wheat flour and potato starch.

Company history

Farmac-Zabban SpA, the manufacturing company, is the first Italian company to have obtained the Quality Control System Certificate for the medical-health sector. The company has always been passionately committed to scientific research in the field of medication. He has published a lot of scientific research in important national and international journals. Over time Farmac-Zabban SpA has made its production procedures and processes more and more efficient, through the upstream and downstream supervision and control of suppliers, materials and finished products. The result is the production of medical devices characterized by reliability in line with safety laws. The deep knowledge in the field of medical devices and the state-of-the-art equipment help to respect and exceed the quality standards in force.


8 cm in 7 g bags. Cod. 2302201100/2302201200/2302201300