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  • Fidren® RPF Oil 100ml -15%

Fidren® RPF Oil 100ml

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Fidren® RPF Oil Nourishing Emollient Cosmeceutical Treatment

Elective oil for a nourishing, emollient, soothing cosmeceutical treatment with a film-forming, non-occlusive effect. It integrates the portion of the skin damaged by external agents.

Cosmetic adjuvant in interventions against psoriasis, Fidren Olio represents an exclusive novelty that enhances the nourishing properties of vegetable oils and the vitamin complex in synergy with the ALOE VERA extract. The product is indicated in dermatological treatments as a cosmetic adjuvant with protective and lubricating action. Excellent organoleptic properties, rapid absorption, non-greasy, makes the skin soft, toned, elastic.


Stretch marks prevention - Dry skin - sensitive and irritable skin - prevention of nipple fissures - prevention of pressure sores - protection of scars - protection and nourishment of skin stressed by natural and / or artificial ultraviolet rays. Cosmetic adjuvant in interventions against psoriasis and in the treatment of pruritus sine materia.

How to use

Apply Fidren Olio on the affected area with a moderate massage until completely absorbed.


100 ml bottle packaging.