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Fluspacer Menarini Aerosol Spacer

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Fluspacer Menarini Aerosol Spacer - Medical Device

It is a spacer which, used in association with dosed aerols (spray cans), allows to reduce the speed of the inhaled drug particles and helps to considerably reduce the coordination request between the delivery and the simultaneous inhalation of the drug in a pre-dosed aerosol. in this way it facilitates the correct inhalation of the drug and reduces the side effects consequent to the disposition of the drug in the oral cavity: a greater part of the drug will reach the airways, improving the therapeutic effect. It is the latest generation spacer for metered aerosols from Menarini


  • Fluspacer is a new spacer made of non-toxic plastic material and with the central cap with antistatic properties. These properties ensure that Fluspacer does not interfere with the drugs delivered.
  • Fluspacer thanks to its in-expiratory valve eliminates the problem of hand-breath coordination.
  • Fluspacer is indicated for adults and children. Fluspacer can be used with different regulators.
  • Fluspacer offers a high level of hygiene thanks to its triple locking level.
  • Fluspacer is extremely practical and easy to handle ..
  • Fluspacer is made of non-toxic material.
  • CE medical device.


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