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GammaTest Gammadis Urine Container 120ml

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GammaTest Gammadis Urine Container

Gammatest is the urine container produced and distributed by Gammadis Farmaceutici Srl, an important Italian company operating in the pharmaceutical sector since the 1980s. The product is a medical device, indicated for collecting urine for laboratory diagnostic analysis.

Composition and properties

The container is made of transparent polypropylene, completely non-toxic and hygienic. It is equipped with a screw cap which guarantees perfect urine containment. Gammatest is sterile and practical to use. By means of the adhesive label to be affixed to the container, it is possible to identify the analysis sample.

How to use

After opening the package containing Gammatest, write your identification data on the adhesive label and apply it to the container. In the morning, collect your first urine or follow your doctor's directions. Once you have collected urine, screw the cap back on and make sure it is actually closed. Deliver the container with the analysis sample inside to the laboratory.


Store in a dry place. The container must be disposed of in compliance with current legislation. Warnings Do not use the expired product. Sterility is ensured with the unopened package. Do not use in case of tearing.


120 ml container.