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Gammatest Sterile Stool Container

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Gammatest Stool Container

Gammatest is the Sterile Container for Feces produced by Gammadis Farmaceutici Srl, an Italian company that boasts extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field. It is a CE medical device that is used to carry out diagnostic analyzes in the laboratory.


The container is sterile and transparent, suitable for carrying out coprological analyzes. Equipped with specimen spoon and screw cap. It contains a self-adhesive label on which you can affix your data to identify the test sample. Gammatest for Feces is contained in sealed sterile packages.

How to use

To use Gammatest Sterile Container for Feces, first of all open the containing wrapping only when necessary. Collect a sample of made as directed by your physician. Close the cap carefully and carefully. Fill in the self-adhesive label with your data to identify the sample to be analyzed and apply it on the container. Finally, deliver the sample to the laboratory that will carry out the analyzes.