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Gibaud Ortho Splinted Lumbar Belt Measure 5

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Gibaud ortho

Splinted lumbar belt

Measure 5

lumbosciatica and low back pain.
Used during heavy manual work.

pathologies that require more rigid and higher immobilization (> D12) or surgery, unless prescribed by a doctor.

the belt is equipped with a double removable splint.

wearing over a light garment, the size label should be placed on top and inside. Good centering is required: the small side sticks will be positioned symmetrically. The posterior median splints will be located lateral to the spine. To ensure even restraint, apply symmetrical traction. The belt is equipped with a cue stick. Inside the package are also included the light battens. The extraction of the slats necessary for the insertion of the soft splint or to wash the belt, will be done through the lateral opening provided for this purpose.

30% cotton, 30% modal, 23% rubber fiber, 17% polyester.