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Gorse Guna Drops 10ml

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Gorse Guna Drops Bach Flowers



Despair, renunciation, pessimism.


Acceptance / Hope


"Here and now I see a thousand opportunities and unimagined resources!"

Gorse is the Bach Flower corresponding to those who are in a state of despair and think that any further attempt to improve things is useless.

By nature, the Gorse type is led to renunciation, since he has no expectation of being able to improve his condition. Precisely for this reason, it is available to accept new proposals (of therapies or projects) from others. We can say that Welcoming is its innate resource. However, this attitude stems from the lack of hope and the intention to obey, or to please, those who offer him new possibilities for improvement.

Gorse therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Hope , that is the ability to see, with confidence, beyond the current situation and its gravity, a possibility of evolution. Even if only the maturation of a different attitude towards life and a different perspective aimed at one's own resources rather than one's own shortcomings. What makes Gorse really functional is his ability to see even the faintest light of hope, welcoming all the new and unexplored paths that life puts before him.


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