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Granis Fiuggi Laxative Granules 35g

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Granis Fiuggi - Grains for the Regularity of Intestinal Transit

Natural and original supplement for the lazy intestine. Useful in case of occasional or chronic constipation.

Granis Fiuggi Grani are a food supplement based on compressed and dried plant principles to energetically stimulate and lubricate intestinal transit, to be associated with a diet rich in fiber.


Original historical product.
Based on expertly dosed blends of selected powdered, compressed and dried plant extracts, combined according to the centuries-old herbalist tradition to stimulate the intestinal flow.

The true story

The Granis Fiuggi are the result of a centuries-old formula, kept in the church "Madonna della Sanità, year 1.200" owned by the family of the administration of Elisir Fiuggi Srl, at the time a dispensary and medical lazaret, full of various ancient forms, a reference point and guide for all other Fiuggi products.
Hence the registered trademark Granis Originalis Formula®.
The church is located not far from the modern factory of its own production. Ciociaria and Monti Ernici are very rich in ancient traditions on medicinal plants: at the Certosa di Trisulti of the Carthusian monks, in fact, the oldest pharmacy in Europe has existed since 1200, the friars worked the medicinal plants collected spontaneously in an uncontaminated area .
At that time it was popularly handed down these practices from places typically used for worship: Churches, Abbeys, Charterhouses, Monasteries, (Certosa di Calamari, Abbey of Fossanova, Abbey of San Sebastiano, Abbey of Santa Scolastica, Monastery of San Benedict), they were a meeting point, exchange and application of popular practices.

With passion and patience, consulting the ancient forms and taking a cue from 15th century formulas where they spoke of "pills for constipation", commonly used by the people of the time, also translating some even older formulas from the Latin mother tongue, the basis of the formula of GRANIS and other products comes out. The popular traditions, the cult, were handed down by the family with painstaking work, ensuring the custody of formulas and age-old remedies. The purchase of the “Chiesa della Sanità” (1200), a place of worship and at the same time medicherai, a hospital and a dispensary (on the property where the modern laboratory still stands today) dates back to 1803.

How to use

Swallow 1 to 4 grains of water with a glass of water one hour before dinner depending on intestinal sensitivity.


Cassia (cassia angustifolia) leaves powder; frangula (rhamnus frangula l.) dust bark; aloe (aloe ferox l.) condensed juice; rhubarb (rheum officinalis l.) root powder; pxilium c / 3 (pxilium c / 3 is a mixture of psyllium (plantago indica l.) cuticle powder; psyllium black seeds powder and psyllium gray seeds powder); cinnamon (cinnamonum zeylanicum l.) bark powder; carnation (zyzygium aromaticum l.) nails powder; verbena (verbena officinalis l.) leaves powder.


The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


35g pack.