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GynOil Intimo Phyto Activa 200ml

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GynOil Intimo Phyto Activa Daily Cleanser

Cleanser for daily intimate hygiene.

Indicated in all annoying situations such as itching, dryness and irritation caused by various causes (fungi, bacteria, tight clothing, creams, deodorants, etc.).

How to use

Use a small amount of product on the palm of your hand, massage gently and rinse with plenty of water.
It can be used several times a day.


Oily, slightly foaming cleanser with emollient, soothing and protective properties.
It allows a delicate and physiological cleansing, without causing dryness and respecting the external genital ecosystem.


Chamomile; aloe vera; sweet almond oil; hemp; panthenol; beta glucan; lactic acid.


Packaging bottle of 200 ml.