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  • Heliocare Oral High Food Supplement 60 Tablets -22%

Heliocare Oral High Food Supplement 60 Tablets

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Heliocare Oral High

Dietary supplement

Useful for photoimmunoprotection from UVA and UVB from sun exposure or artificial sources.


We recommend taking 1 capsule a day in periods of normal sun exposure, 2 capsules a day in situations of intense sun exposure. Swallow with a little water or fruit juice on a full stomach.


Oral photoimmunoprotector against damage caused by radiation, especially UVA radiation that penetrates the dermis, but also UVB radiation that causes erythema.

Daily systemic integration carries out a protective activity:

- immunological against solar immunosuppression;

- antioxidant against free radicals;

- skin architecture against solar elastosis;

- cellular DNA against thymine dimers and oxidative damage.


do not use in pregnancy.


keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. .

It is not a substitute for adequate sunscreens, hats and sunglasses which continue to be essential to protect the body from the harmful effects of exposure.


Store at room temperature; avoid exposure to localized heat sources, to sunlight.

The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored, in unopened package.


bottle of 60 capsules - Net weight: 33 g.