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Homeopharm Homeos 42 Globules

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Homeos 42 Homeopharm

HOMEOS 42 globules is a homeopathic remedy indicated in the prevention of influenza from viruses and against bacterial over infections, this product consists of nosodes, that is homeopathic products derived from pathogenic substances (bacteria, viruses, pathogenic secretions, pollutants ...) inactivated for not make them infected or virulent for the organism, the purpose of homeos 42 globules homeopharm is to stimulate the immune system to react towards the aggression of influenza and parainfluenza virus bacteria.

Homeos 42 contains 9CH dilutions ”.

How do the individual components of homeos 42 globules homeopharm work?

- Aviaire 9 CH: nosode prepared with Mycobacterium Tubercolosis variety Aviaire. Tropism for the bronchopulmonary system and for the ear. It is used in the problems of asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, bronchopneumonia, bronchiolitis; pain in the pulmonary apexes with dry and painful cough

- Influenzinum 9 CH: nosode consisting of several viral strains prepared by the Pasteur Institute specifically for homeopathic use and which has a well-defined formulation. It is extremely useful in stimulating and alerting the Natural Killer cells, the T lymphocytes that increase the non-specific defenses on all influenza viruses.

- Klebsiella pneumonie 9 CH: is a biotherapeutic prepared by culture of this gram negative bacterium responsible for lung infections, for which the nosode effectively hinders sudden fever and protects the functionality of the lungs. It has action on angina, bronchial problems, otitis, rhinitis and sinusitis, pleurisy, pneumonia. Rapid onset fever

- Serum de Yersin 9 CH: obtained from the anti-plague serum, prepared by immunized animals, at the Pasteur Institute. It is a remedy that has an excellent action on febrile prevention, acts on severe and atypical forms of flu with hyperthermia and lung involvement, dyspnea, dense expectoration. Meningeal syndrome of influenza origin. Acute enterocolitis, acute enteritis in young children, influenza with gastrointestinal involvement

-Streptococcinum 9 CH: biotherapy prepared by the Pasteur Institute starting from lysate obtained, without adding antiseptic, from cultures coming from a mixture of different streptococcal strains. Indicated in affections of tonsillar abscess (purulent angina) with or without fever, dizziness, headaches, bilious vomiting, headache as if it were to burst; sinusitis with headache and fever, laryngitis, tonsillitis, lymphadenopathy on the neck, swollen tonsils, serous and purulent muconasal, noise intolerance, lower limb paraesthesia, whitish tongue; sensory problems, is intolerant to light, air, people around.

Staphilococcinum 9 CH: biotherapeutic prepared from culture composed of a mixture of different strains of Staphilococcus. It is indicated in acute, chronic and relapsing diseases of which staphylococci are the cause: splenomegaly, furunculosis, oscillating fever with severe chills, lymphadenitis, pneumonia with disseminated pulmonary condensation foci, purulent pleurisy, viral diseases (Herpes zoster)

Streptococcinum and staphilococcinum are particularly effective when used in combination.

Homeos 42 is therefore a homeopathic compound useful in the management of influenza pathologies by carrying out its action to protect the pulmonary system, in the prevention of influenza with involvement of the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

It can also be used in the management of the disease in progress.

Useful for those who have undergone annual influenza vaccination for further protection from parainfluenza diseases

How should it be taken?

During the cold season: Adults - 1 tube dose every week

Children under 5-6 years of age: half a dose tube

In acute treatment: one tube dose every 8 hours for 2 consecutive days

HOMEOS 42 Globules 6 dose tubes for oral use.


Store the product in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep out of the reach of children.