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  • Horus H6 Homeopharm 6g -13%

Horus H6 Homeopharm 6g

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Horus H6 Homeopharm Homeopathic Remedy

Horus H6 is used in case of rhinitis and conjunctivitis also on an allergic basis, characterized by violent sneezing, tingling and itching in the nostrils, flow of corrosive tears.


Acidum succinicum 4CH, Allium cepa 7CH, Aralia racemosa 7CH, Arsenicum album 9CH, Euphrasia officinalis 7CH, Histaminum 15CH 30CH, Pulsatilla nigricans 5CH, Sabadilla 7CH.


3-5 granules several times a day, according to medical opinion.


6g multidose container.