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Hyalofill F Med 10x10cm 1pc

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Venous ulcers, skin explant areas.

Dosage and method of use
After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the injured area, apply to the wound.
Cover with sterile secondary dressing and secure with gauze or bandage.
The choice of secondary dressing depends on the condition of the wound. In the presence of very secreting wounds, the dressing can be used in association with an absorbent pad, however, when, in the more advanced healing phase, less exudate is produced, it can be associated with a thinner pad, together with a low adherent film, to the to keep the environment moist and prevent the wound from drying out.
The dressing can be easily removed by irrigation with sterile saline solution and with the aid of sterile tweezers or with the hands, provided they are provided with gloves.
The interval between dressing changes correlates with the exudative state of the wound. In the presence of highly secreting wounds, Hyalofill-F will need to be replaced every day, while, in the presence of smaller amounts of exudate, the interval between dressing changes can be extended up to seven weeks.

Highly absorbent dressing in fibrous tissue, entirely composed of HYAFF, an ester of hyaluronic acid, a molecule naturally present in the extracellular matrix and which is one of the main components of human skin. Upon contact with the lesion, Hyalofill-F transforms into a soft hydrophilic gel, which, by conforming to the wound, contributes to the formation of a microenvironment capable of promoting the tissue repair process. HYAFF-based hydrophilic gel maintains a moist environment on the wound surface promoting quick and painless healing. Furthermore, Hyalofill-F adapts well to the contours of the wound and can be easily cut into the most appropriate shapes, without fraying.

Gamma ray sterilized.

The product is disposable: only the integrity of the intact wrapping guarantees the sterility of the content. In case of damaged packaging, do not use the product and inform FAB srl. After use, dispose of in accordance with the regulations in force. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place (<40 ° C).

In case of infected wounds, the Hyalofill-F dressing should not be used.

10 x 10 cm 1 piece and 5 x 5 cm 3 pieces.

Cod. 17541/174410